Five Reasons Why College Education is Important


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” -Albert Einstein


One of the sentiments that is echoed all over the world when it comes to education is that it is that one thing that cannot be stolen from you. In fact, so many adages have been written which extols the necessity of education in our lives and in the lives of our children.

In a sense, education is the best gift we can give to our children if we want to secure their futures as it is that sole aspect in life which would prepare them for what lies ahead. It shapes their dreams and helps them mold their plans of what they want to be.

Unfortunately, getting a degree and having your children finish college is not as affordable as we wish it to be. For this reason, parents would often send their kids to school but would forego sending them to college as they see it as an unnecessary expense.

However, with wise financial planning, parents can actually prepare for their children’s college education. In fact, there are innumerable policies in insurance Philippines that would offer extensive educational plans. If you are thinking of sending your kids to college, here are some of the motivating factors that might convince you and fortify your decision to enroll them:

1.) Learning how to learn

In the Philippines, most employers would require at least a college degree from any course of their potential hires. Others might find this a bit discriminating, but there is an apparent reason for this.

Employers tend to have a preference for college graduates because these are individuals who understand and appreciate the learning process. New jobs mean new responsibilities and new environment which is why it is essential for potential hires to have the willingness to learn.

2.) Dealing with adversity

Regardless of whether the economy is performing well or not, degree holders tend to find jobs better and easier. It is without a doubt that they are more in demand than those individuals without degrees.

Furthermore, they can better deal with career adversity and they have a multitude of resources should they want to get back on their feet.

3.) Better earning potential

Education is an investment, and you will see how true that would be once you apply for your first job. People with degrees tend to earn more than those without as it is reasonable to expect a certain skill set, talent or expertise from you seeing as you have successfully hurdled through a two or four-year college course.

It matters not whether you only get as far as a two-year degree, you would still have a better chance of landing a job and out-earning someone who only holds a high school diploma.

4.) Learn skills before employment

Your college education will inevitably teach you some skills where you would learn abilities that can be useful for your future employment. College courses are career oriented in a manner that they prepare students for what it would be like in the actual working field. These are not just ordinary classroom lectures either, but in depth explorations of what you would go through should you ever be employed by the industry you choose to study in.

As a result, your potential employers do not only reasonably expect theoretical knowledge from you, but also that you would be able to perform well beyond your classroom experiences.

5.) Personal Satisfaction

Holding your college diploma and earning that degree is a major life goal and a milestone for many. If you have survived your college years in trying to earn that diploma, it will bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction—one which you can relish for years to come.

After all, pushing through college and making it through all the lectures, classes and internships are no easy tasks. Indeed, accomplishing such a goal is an achievement—one that empowers you. Along with this sense of empowerment comes a feeling of confidence—the confidence to step and take on the world and feeling like you are ready for anything.

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What To Do To Get Your Personal Loan Approved Faster



One way or another, we all need some cash. Perhaps, you need it for vacation or paying it all to your utility bills. Although we have different reasons why we need the cash, we are all hoping to avail quick personal loans. However, you cannot avail such loan when you are not capable of the application. Yes, some of you here might be wonder how and what ways they can avail personal loans faster.

Before lenders or banks can approve your loan, they make sure that there will be no bad records from your past loans. Of course, they don’t want to have troubles when it comes to financial matters. That is why you have to know what and what not to do for your loan to approved faster.

And if you are one of those people who are planning to avail a personal loan, below are some ways you can do to have a successful transaction.

Decide what sort of personal loan you need

Generally, we all know that personal loans are loans that are unsecured. However, when we look into the financial terms, all sort of loans are personal and not business. If you are not eligible for a typical personal loan, you can still apply and avail but you need to go for a secured loan instead. That means, your car, property and another value asset you have would put your collateral. However, if you are unable to pay the borrowed money, you will lose your collateral to the lender. So, you have to make sure and understand what type of loan you are going to apply for you to be guided when it comes to the payments.

Check your credit history

Lenders are usually strict when it comes to your credit history. Of course, they will not approve your loan if you still have pending payments that need for you to pay first. When you have a bad credit history, which would only mean you are not a good borrower. And mind you, lenders don’t like borrowers who don’t know how to pay their obligations. That is why before you decide to apply for a loan, you have to make sure that you have a clean and impressive credit history. The more impressive it is, more and more lenders are willing to approve your loans faster.

Find the perfect lender for you

Whether you realize it or not, all lenders are different. This particular lender may have some rules that don’t apply to other lenders. Of course, if you are not careful enough in choosing the right lender when you apply for a loan, then it might be difficult and hassle on your part. Moreover, if you know what type of loan you want to apply, you will most likely also know which lender you can trust.

Choose trustworthy online lenders

There are actually a lot of lenders you can find online. However, not all of them can be trusted. And if it is your first time in applying for a personal loan, it is a must for you to choose a trustworthy lender. Before you decide in choosing one, you should know their background if their clients are happy and satisfied with the services they give to their clients. However, if you think that people are disappointed with their services, then that particular lender might not be the one for you. You will basically know if a lender is a trustworthy enough since there will be reviews online regarding with that particular lender. With that, you will have an idea on which lender you should go for.

Yes, we all do hope that lenders will approve our personal loans as soon as possible. But it will definitely be all up to you if you have a good record of your past loans. That is why it is also your responsibility to set everything in order.

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7 Basic Things You Should Know before Applying for Personal Loans


Loans can save you from a financial crisis. But this can also be a burden especially when you need to repay it from your monthly income. Moreover, getting a loan approved may not be the easiest process. That is why for some people, applying for loans is never an option. However, there are just times you need to apply a loan for major expenses. Personal loans would be an option if you want to borrow money and pay back every month.

What is a Personal Loan?

Generally, a personal loan can be used to finance a car, consolidation of debt, to finance a vacation of one kind or another, renovations to a home and some other things. It is a smaller loan than a mortgage and is also known as unsecured loans. Lenders usually make loans that are not secured against any asset such as your property. Moreover, its repayment is usually through fixed amount instalments over a fixed term.

What do You need To Know Before You Apply For One?

Deciding to apply for a personal loan can be a crucial step for you. This can make or break your financial status. That is why knowing, at least, the basic knowledge about personal loans is a must.

1. You may be able to borrow more than with a credit card

Personal loans are not that strict when it comes to using of credit cards. They don’t mind how many you use for as long as you can repay the money that you have borrowed.

2. Your personal loans repayments may be fixed amounts

Again, repayments are usually through a fixed amount of instalments. That means, the amount you pay would be the same every month. Budgeting for the payments would be much easier for you to do since you already know how much you need to pay every month.

3. The interest rate you pay on a personal loan is also usually fixed

In personal loans, you have to expect that there is more fixed rate. And aside from fixed repayments every month, you also have to expect that there would also be a fixed interest rate. It’s definitely a good thing since you will most likely be able to compute how much you should pay for the month.

4. You can choose how long you’d like to take to repay the loan

This is one of the good news most people like since they can definitely choose how long they would like to repay the loan. Moreover, you have to remember that the length of a loan will affect the amount you are charged in interest. That means if you want it to pay back in a shorter term. That it is going to be higher than the payments you will have if you go for a longer term. Well, it will also depend on your capability to pay.

5. You can consolidate several debts into one personal loan

If you have many debts, you can combine into one personal loan, which would most likely reduce your monthly repayment costs. However, you should be careful if you have plans since this may mean extending the length of the loan and so paying it more overall.

6. Personal loans have higher rates of interest that some other forms of borrowing

Yes, interest rates may be fixed, but personal loans have higher rates especially if you want to borrow a smaller amount. That is why most people decide to borrow a bigger amount for them to have a lesser rate.

7. People tend to borrow bigger loans

When people know about the interest rate and its process, they are tempted to borrow a bigger amount of money than the original plan. The bigger it gets, the lesser the interest rate is. However, this is also one of the reasons why people face problems in the later part since they need to repay a bigger amount of money every month. And I’m sure taking out money from your income to repay debts is not ideal.

If you are one of those hundreds to thousands of people who are planning to apply for a personal loan, you have to know at least what it is. Of course, if you have an idea, you will be careful on the things you do for as not to face financial problems later on.


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